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To be, or not to be (to be finished, that is).

Some stuff I've been working on for myself that past little while. Well, for quite a while now. What with work and all, it's not so easy to find the time to do these, never mind finish them to a level I'm happy with. Whatever the case, they are intended as submission pieces, but since there can be a long span between beginning them and ending them they may not actually end up being so. Since it's not uncommon to actually progress enough that by the time you get back to the unfinished ones, you no longer feel they properly represent your current ability. Still, it's always fun to have these incomplete ones kicking around to help pass the time every now and then :) 

As always, thanks for looking!



Those are awesome :D Other than a few minor touchups, I'd call them close to finished as they are! What would you add to finish them completely if you had the time?
I guess I'm a bit behind on my LJ :/ Sorry for the delayed reply, Char.First, thanks for the kind words! I guess you're right and these are all close to being completed. But 'completed' can be subjective, can't it? As I mentioned, when I work at these pieces for a long time the initial spark that spurred on their creation gets diminished I think. And as time passes, my abilities can change, as well as my critical eye. So what might seem awesome to me at the time can end up being mediocre down the road. Thus, changes are usually in order. It's really a personal thing probably. But that is the way I look at my own work and abilities.

None the less, thank you for taking the time to comment! I appreciate your encouraging words :)
Definitely! I feel the same way about my work. Even if I "completed" it, after a week I don't feel like going back and fixing it as much as I just want to just start over with something else.

Either way though, great stuff and I do look forward to seeing more! :)

May 2014

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